Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Will you buy the Surface Pro?

With the Surface Pro launch just 3 days away (if I remember correctly), everyone is talking about it. Some sites are even getting their hands on the tablet, either through special media partnerships (unfair for a site like this), or they are traveling to one of the retail stores that offer it on display.

If you don't know about the Surface Pro, it's similar to the Surface RT tablet, but it runs a x86 CPU instead of an ARM CPU. The CPU is a Intel CORE i5 chip, and is a tad heavier due to the inclusion of a x86 chip. The Surface pro runs 64 bit Windows. It can run normal x86 desktop applications, whether they are touch optimized or not.

The Surface RT has already been released (obviously), and you can purchase and demo the tablet at a retail store, or online.

The question is: Would/Will you buy the Surface Pro? I'll try to work on seeing whether we can get a review done, but more likely than not a deal with Microsoft for a review won't be done.

And if you wondering about my lack of posts, it's because I have been busy lately.