Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recent Disqus update makes it IMPOSSIBLE to switch back to the Classic Disqus after upgrading to Disqus 2012 (Update: Disqus chips in)

For months now, a stable form of the new Disqus, dubbed Disqus 2012 has been out for all websites. I was one of their beta testers, so I've basically been along for the full ride. However I know those who still use the classic Disqus, and if they decide to upgrade now they are in for it if they want to switch back.
Note: Once you have enabled Disqus 2012, it's not possible to revert back to Disqus Classic. Please be sure you want to enable Disqus 2012 since it is a permanent action
 As you can see from the yellow alert box (shown above), changing to Disqus 2012 is now a permanent decision and once you do it, you can't change back. This note is now live on the Disqus 2012 FAQ page, at the very top.

The Disqus admin panel also shows a slightly new look towards the top, adding a link to the FAQ page. Take note that there's no longer an option anywhere to revert back.
Notice the link under "Disqus 2012". The appearance settings are still otherwise intact, and have not been changed as far as I know.

Personally, I see this as good and bad. I don't mind the change that much for this website, because generally everyone has been happy using the comments system based on the polling I've done, and so on. However for other users who aren't so "open" to Disqus might look at this as a slap in the face. I suggest that Disqus allows users to revert back. Why? -- well they did say that they weren't getting rid of the classic Disqus. This is an effort to get rid of it, basically going back on their word.

I like to see Disqus grow and innovate, but they did make a few promises that they were going to keep the classic Disqus. I haven't seen them make any type of public service announcement about this change, but if they did they didn't make it well known.

Honestly, if users complain about this I can't try to keep them at Disqus. They would have valid points.

Update: Okay, so I decided to send an email to Daniel Ha, the CEO and Cofounder of Disqus. He got back to me on a few words about this change, and that is below. Right now he hasn't spoken of a possible time frame.
We've carefully considered the usage behavior of Disqus and, after much polling and research, have decided to put more focus on delivering a single Disqus experience for websites. Older version of Disqus will eventually become unavailable.
I also sent out a tweet before I emailed Daniel about this, and one of their support members got back to me as well.

Now that we know this, it's only a matter of time before everyone is ushered to the new Disqus. I just hope they add CSS support and indentation settings, like Gary suggested.