Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year, From Techman's World

I know it's a little late into the evening as I write this, but I want to wish everyone who still visits this site a happy new year. I don't have much on the table in terms of resolutions but I still do try to write about things when I can, and hopefully remember to. Personally, 2016 was a year that I really wasn't in the Christmas/holiday spirit. External life factors ruined that for me right before Christmas, really.

I've considered putting a few ads on the site to see if it generates a little revenue that I could use for the betterment of the site, but that's something I'm still thinking about. Either way, I wouldn't ask anyone to turn of their ad blockers for here unless they personally did it themselves. I know I wouldn't unless it was a small town person, anyways.