Thursday, February 7, 2013

[Announcement] Contact Form Disabled

Recently, about two days ago, I got massively spammed via the contact form. It has bot measures, but it appears that the person who did this was in fact real.

About two days ago I got hit with about 200 form submissions, all containing useless submissions. In fact, even the default text was there as the message text, saying that you can make the submission as long as you like. Otherwise, the emails were pretty much fake as well.

Due to this, the form provider (JotForm) has disabled all of my forms, but all the forms I had was this one. They say that I exceeded my limits as a free account, and wanted me to upgrade. I'm sending an email today to get this reset, because I was honestly a victim of a large spam attack.

If you try to visit the page right now, you will get an error message right were the form should be, saying that the form has exceeded the allotted quota. You won't be able to make any kind of form submission, making that page basically useless.

For now, you can still contact me by emailing me at my direct author email, or the generic one. Those can be found on the social page.

As I said before, I'll try to get in touch with JotForm. If they don't respond, or don't wish to help, please recommend other form providers below, that are "decent".