About Techman's World

Techman's World is my personal blog, for the most part. I write about a variety of things, which ranges from tech news, reviews, opinions, etc and beyond.

Techman's World was founded in December 2011 by site founder and maintainer Michael Hazell. The title "Techman's World", came from people always calling me Techman because I am "so good with computers".

I choose Blogger as my blog platform. I find it the easiest to use, as this is my first blog. I am aware of other offerings such as WordPress (.com and self-hosted), Drupal, TypePad, etc. Blogger has turned out to be a good decision, I have never run into downtime with it. I also don't have to worry about databases (I'm looking at you WordPress), and other technical items, although I could have easily used those other offerings.

Comments here are powered by the incredibly flexible Disqus (pronounced Discuss) platform. Disqus has been proven to encourage conversations all over the web, and with their new Disqus 2012 product, they are encouraging conversations even more. Take a spin of Disqus 2012 on any article, and a few pages. Comments are the lively hood of Techman's World; this site is all about the community, as well as the content I provide here.

If you need to contact me, email at info {at} techmansworld {dot} com. You can also comment on my articles if you are not the emailing type. Please, no spam. If you prefer to contact me via a form, then go to the contact form page.

If you prefer to contact me via IRC visit the live chat. Clicking the link in the tab bar at the top will open a popup window.

(This page is subject to being updated without notice, although this really means nothing)