Monday, February 11, 2013

[Announcement] Contact Form Restored

After a few days between the last post I made, which announced the disablement of the old contact form, I finally switched form providers in hopes that they will be better anyways.

The contact form looks identical, and still has the same functions as the old ones. This time around when you submit a form you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. The email is blank, except for a link that takes you to Wufoo. I'll work on what the email will say shortly, but I added it to give users a greater sense that the form really was sent -- and read.

Speaking of Wufoo, that is the new form provider that I am using. From my point of view it took only a few moments to create a form using the visual editor, but I could have also written the form by hand in their code editor.

As a measure of spam protection, Wufoo will now intelligently show a CAPTCHA when needed, or when it detects suspicious activity. Either way, that massive spam attack I got won't be happening again.

As of this post the form should be completely live and should be 100% functional. If you want to try out the form, I encourage you to do so.