Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disqus 2012 now officially supports closing of threads

Tweeted earlier today by Disqus, Disqus 2012 now supports the automatic closing of comment threads.

To set automatic thread closing settings, navigate to your Admin Panel >> Settings page. The setting should be listed on that page.

Now Disqus is officially touting the feature for Disqus 2012 forums, but I think the feature was already in the works because my thread settongs stuck the other day like I set it to, which was 60 days. I disabled the setting for now for another article, and I am currently thinking of thread closing settings in general. So if you wanted to, You could comment on Techman's World's first post.

If you use twitter, it is a good idea to follow @disqus for general stuff and @disqushelp to ask Disqus for help as well as to receive status updates from the Disqus status page.