Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saving a Wallpaper from Bing using Internet Explorer 8

In a previous post I talked about one of Bing's images, and one of the reasons why I use Bing for most of my searches. I attached the wallpaper rather easily, and today I'm showing you how to download the Bing wallpapers using Internet Explorer 8. Don't worry if you use another browser, as I'll work on a tutorial on those later on.

As far as I know for now, this is the easiest way to grab the wallpaper. With other browsers you have to open up your web inspector to get the background image. You can still do so in Internet Explorer, but it's not required. A simple right click menu option lets you get the background as easy as possible, without having to use the web inspector.

  1. Open up Internet Explorer 8
  2. Click the URL bar and type in "bing.com"
  3. Let the Bing homepage load
  4. Right click somewhere where the background image fills, making sure you don't click on one of those clear information popups
  5. Choose "Save background as"

After you click the option, you should get a popup where you can choose your location to save the image, unless you have a default location set. Here is a screenshot below. Yes, the background image was the same background image shown off in the other post about a specific Bing background image.

And yes, you can directly choose to save the image and set it as your background. I did not have this option highlighted because I was on a machine where the System Administrator did not permit the changing of the wallpaper. If you just wish to copy the background, maybe to make changes to it in Paint of some other graphics editor, you can do that as well.