Monday, August 6, 2012

Google Chrome claims one-third of global browser share, according to StatCounter

It looks like Google Chrome is soaring again. This time around, it is making it way up the global charts.

As you can see from the chart above, Chrome is soaring up the charts, while IE is sitting still, and Firefox is falling. Safari is also on the chart, sitting at around 7%, and has seemed to gone up. As far as Opera goes, it either went up or went down depending on how you see the image, but from my perspective it seems to either went down or has stayed the same.
While StatCounter is no where near a good tool for analyzing total usage, it is definitely a good sign for showing the direction of  the current browsers. If you still want to weigh in on what browser you are currently using, you can weigh in on this page, though it is a few months old. I'll probably make a new one eventually.

Pro Tip: If you have ever wondered how to gather information about your browser very fast, go here.