Monday, August 6, 2012

Windows 8 might now allow you to boot directly to the desktop

People who do not really like Windows 8's Metro interface will not have a nice day anymore. It seems that Microsoft will not have an ability to go directly to the desktop after booting, and instead you might have to go though the "Windows 8 Style UI" interface.

According to Rafael Rivera, one of the authors of Windows 8 Secrets, there is a work around that involves creating a shortcut to the desktop and scheduling it to run at boot. But, it appears that even enterprise customers will be blocked from making the standard desktop the default environment. While Redmond is no doubt implementing such a policy to enforce consistency, it could prove to be a source of frustration for big businesses, which are notoriously resistant to change. 

Of course this is all fluff to to speak, so everyone will have to wait and see how Windows 8 turns out when it is finally released.