Sunday, August 26, 2012

Closing summer with some DISQUS "swag"

You all know Disqus, right? Well if you don't know they power the community here on Techman's World. It is our commenting tool. It powers comments, and our community widget.

Back before Disqus 2012 was released (1) (2), I was one of those beta testers that helped test out Disqus 2012 and submit feedback and bug reports. Not to toot my own horn, but I did a pretty good job, as well as other people. I actually spent hours discovering bugs and using the product -- which was not that much of a problem because as long as I was logged in all Disqus sites would have the embed as Disqus 2012. This was because I was one some list for the embed, not sure exactly how they did that.

Disqus wanted to say "thank you" for all the help I gave them. So I got this email one day asking me to cover the Disqus 2012 launch the day before Disqus wrote about it at their own site. They linked to a form where I can fill in my info to send me some stuff. Before I get too far, let me show you some of the emails they sent me. Then I'll jump in to the stuff they sent me.
This was their email that invited to me when Disqus 2012 was in private beta. I jumped in almost instantly, because I love to test out new products.
This is an email I got when I accepted Disqus 2012's private beta invitation.
And finally, here is the thank you message.
The Gifts
The Card
While it took a little longer then expected, I did finally get the gifts. I received it Thursday, but I didn't discover the package until Friday morning because the package must have been dropped off and I never noticed it. Nevertheless, I was excited when I saw the package. It opened it immediately, and the first thing I looked for was a card, and it actually sitting on top if I  recall. You can see a picture of that below, including the front of the card, which has that new looking Disqus conversation logo (as I call it)  with the design included inside of it.
One of the best parts of this picture is the actual design behind it. And of course the logo has that new style of Disqus blue.
I personally wanted to say that I loved that card. I thought it was very thought full for the Disqus team to say to me, not even knowing who I am. Only question I got is: who wrote the message? Hope the whole team got to see the card before they placed it into the box and shipped it -- even those that don't get seen online that much, such as Jason.

The bag/tote
When you first open the box, and read the card, the first item that catches your attention after that is the bag. Now the bag is pretty big in size, so to fit it in a small box, they had to collapse it and tape it to keep it from unfolding (nice idea!). It actually has a pocket on the front, and it can hold a small to medium size item, and the sleeve even includes a pencil/pen/marker pocket. It can fit approx. 2 pencils/pens. As for markers, it depends on the size.

The inside of the bag is insulated with some material (I don't know for sure what that material is). The bag does not close via a zipper, but it can surely keep some refrigerated items cool. I'll have to try carrying some drinks inside of it one day, but for now it has already become an effective bag for me to use, using it to carry some items such as some snacks to batteries.

Of course, that Disqus logo stands out. At least I'll take pride walking down the street and people possibly asking what Disqus "discus" is. As always, I'll correct them as Disqus calls themselves "discuss". If you visit their blog, they show you how to pronounce them at the top right. You can see a screenshot of that above, to the left.
The Beach Ball
Inside of the package is a Disqus beach ball, deflated (to save space, again it was a small box). I went ahead and inflated it, and you can see it in the shot below, with all of the other goods. It is not a big beach ball, but perhaps a medium to small sized one. It is light blue and white colored. It does not say "DISQUS" on every blue part of the back ball, only one part has the logo on it.

While it is expected for me to play with it, I do have to say that I take these presents seriously. If these gifts were to be damaged in any way, I'd be sad to say the least. Of course I handle all of my items with care, you never know what happens when you expose items to the elements.

Deflated, I thought at first that the beach ball was some sort of football (I know, I'm silly). But after I inspected the ball in more detail, I realized that it was a beach ball. Pretty cool I should say.

The Drink Koozie
While there is not that much to say about it, I do like it. It is not the same color of blue that Disqus normally uses, but good enough for me! I can also show this off to my friends, and explain Disqus to them if they ask or wonder what "DISQUS" is.
The Ping Pong Balls
To my surprise, the box came with ping pong balls, in an little plastic bag, package type plastic. I looked at it, and saw the rather nice Disqus logo/text on the balls. I'd like to say they are "cute", but that sounds a little odd to me, but who cares -- they are good!

The Bottle Opener
Also in the package was a bottle opener. It was also a dark blue. While I don't drink beers (at least not in any time being), I'll pop open one for my dad soon to test it, although I already know what it does.

The Sunglasses
When I saw sunglasses in the package, I suddenly became really happy. In addition to all of the stuff, I can wear sunglasses every day. And I'm definitely going to walk down the street with these on. To say the least, they look awesome on me, and the Disqus logo on the side will get noticed. I also like the color of blue on all Disqus products. As far as UV protection goes, it is spot on. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, and does it well. They look cool, and do their intended job. What else can I say? :-)    

The wrap up
Overall, I am happy with this. I became involved with Disqus 2012 because 1.) I love Disqus, and 2.) I love testing new products. I spent as much time as I could on this (and I had a lot of time), and I was expecting no award at all. I did this as a kind gesture, and I'd do it again any day, whether I get an award or not. What Disqus has done is reward a loyal, enthusiastic user of Disqus who did something out of the kindness of his heart to do become involved with something and make it better -- isn't that the point in the first place?

If you all want to view my photos for this entire post, as well as some I didn't add, you can click here to see my entire photo album.

So no Disqus, Thank You!