Thursday, August 23, 2012

Introducing "Search This Site 2.0"

If you have been visiting my blog the last day or two, then you know that the normal search box is now gone, and in its place is another, but it is different. Before I dive in too deep, let me give you a little bit of back story.

If you have used my old search box, you can search and the results would be shown on the same page, above the page. While it was really nice and convienent, I ran into a problem with it. Nothing wrong with the desktop version of my site, it is just the mobile version of my site. You see, I took to a mobile device to surf my site, and I ran into a lacked feature which was probably dumb on my part for not including it in the first place -- the search box! What I did that day is edit my HTML for the search box to make it be included on my mobile site. So far, so good. The template saved and it was indeed on the mobile site. The problem came when I wanted to test it to make sure everything was working properly.

When entering any search term, such as Disqus, you got no results. Now we all know that this is not true, because I have talked about Disqus plenty of times. I tried many other search terms, and still got no results for everything.

Switching back to the desktop site, all searches showed up. This made me sorta angry, because at the time I thought the mobile site was out of a search box. Not until I sad down and started thinking of options, and eventually I came up with something really easy -- making my own search box. Right now it is in beta until I can get browser compatibility solved (currently, the search box might not size properly). Pretty much it is straightforward - you enter a term, and press enter or click search. Like before, Google powers the search results. This time you are taken away from the page, but the added benefit is that this should work on the mobile site. Search terms are sent from the search box to Google, and the initial request is HTTPS, so your search is encrypted whether you are signed into Google or not.

If you would like to post feedback, please do. By the middle of next week, it should be fine, if not already.