Monday, August 27, 2012

Recycle Bin coming to SkyDrive soon

Ah SkyDrive, it is Microsoft's personal cloud service. I was using it since its roots, and I love it. Have you ever deleted something on SkyDrive on accident, and couldn't get it back? A good example is if you upload something to SkyDrive, then deleted the local copy of the file off of your computer's storage device. Well it appears from certain reports that a Recycle Bin feature is in fact in the new SkyDrive, but Microsoft has not flipped on the switch yet.

The code appears to be some sort of on/off switch. And there are reports that when the feature is switched on, there will be an menu option for it to the sidebar on the left.

Right now no one knows how the feature will work, but it is expected to work similarly to how the Recycle Bin works on Windows. Perhaps if you delete a file in a SkyDrive folder and it is moved to the local Windows Recycle Bin, it is moved to SkyDrive's also?

Another thing we don't know is when this feature is coming. We see hints of the feature coming, but we don't know when it is coming. It might be a while until we see this feature if it is included in the next SkyDrive update, which might take a long time depending on what Microsoft wants to do.

Either way, let me know of your thoughts in the comments below.