Monday, July 16, 2012

System76 updates its Laptops with new keyboard options

Popular Ubuntu computer company System76 has just made a minor, but noticeable update to its line of small but powerful Ubuntu laptops.

This one is for the people who live in the UK/European countries.

System76 now offers the ability to choose an alternative keyboard layout, featuring  Pound, Euro, and Alt GR keys. This upgrade is only only on their line of laptops, currently there is no word on their desktop counterparts yet.

At the time of this post, keyboard prices will have you tack on an extra $33 USD. Also not known is if they will actually ship the US keyboard as well, because you are paying more money to get an alternative keyboard.

While this might sound good and all, the keyboards are available just yet, according to their website the estimated timed arrival set for August 13th, presumably their time.

If you have any thoughts, let me know of below.