Monday, July 16, 2012

SnapChick adds a new Gazelle Professional video: Gazelle Professional Software Tour

Fellow photography pro SnapChick has released another video focused on the Gazelle Professional laptop. In this video, she goes over a bit of the software she is going to use. She talks a bit about Unity, talks about the Ubuntu Software, etc.

SnapChick has more videos featuring the Gazelle coming up. She is going to cover some video editing stuff, and then she will talk about photography tools.

If you are looking for her other videos, you can go here. I'll also update that article to add this video as well, if people are still loading that page up (page stats right now indicate no new page loads).

Go ahead and soak up the video below :) I personally recommend that you go ahead and full screen this video, because at this resolution below the text is too tiny to read. This video was screen recorded using a 1080p screen, so this is rather normal.

If you want to ask SnapChick some questions, you can always do that at her Twitter page.