Sunday, July 15, 2012

Site Update: Improved Logo!

Hello all. Today Techman's World has a slightly improved logo, getting rid of that rather nasty pink background color. I removed it for a few reasons:
  • I recieved feedback saying it "sticks out like a sore thumb."
  • Nothing on this site has a pink color to it, so it made no sense to have a pink background to it.
  • The green and blue colors actually do work good in a white background, so it is now white

If you check out the new image, it is actually relatively the same. I still composed it from scratch, so it might appear slightly bigger, but it probably won't since I applied CSS rules to it to say to take the full width (the blog content's width), the height to be auto (so the image scales fine), and to display: block (this is normal anyways from the old image).

If you are wondering what font the logo text is, it is called "DBXLNightFever". DBXLNightFever was also the text for the h3 text in the old classic Disqus, but that now has been replaced by Disqus 2012. DBXLNightFever is a free font, and is available from my Techman's World directory on my SkyDrive.

This change might not be permanent, but will probably be permanent. I am still accepting feedback, so be sure to type your opinion below if you want to have a say in this.