Sunday, July 15, 2012

XChat-WDK updated to a new name...HexChat!

If you are a user of XChat-WDK on Windows, you might notice something strange for when you installed the last XChat update. Don't worry, I'll explain.
It actually removed your installation from Windows, then asked you if you wanted to migrate your settings to HexChat. Make sure you choose yes. If you didn't run the last XChat updater again and click yes when it asks you again.

After you click yes, it opens up your default browser to the download page to HexChat. Go ahead and download the binary again for your proper CPU architecture, then run that setup. Let it install, and you should be ok. You settings should import properly.

For now, existing plugins (such as the spelling dictionaries) still work.

Below is the change log for the release. I'm not going to iframe it this time, so click here to see the source page.
  • rebranding
  • migrate code to GitHub
  • update XChat to r1515
  • fix x64 Perl interface installation for Perl 5.16
  • improve URL detection with new TLDs and file extensions
Let me know of your thoughts below.