Thursday, July 25, 2013

Disqus adopts a new status page, adds graphs and other information

If you are someone who was previously subscribed to Disqus status alerts, you would have gotten an email a few days ago about the new status page they have now. If you haven't seen it, head over to it and take a look, or look at the screenshot below.

Screenshot of the new Disqus Status page

The new status page not  only features the status alerts that was shown from Disqus' old home-build application, overseer. Disqus' now status page comes packed with new features. You can now monitor graphs of how the Disqus network is performing, and also get status alerts in may different formats. You can even get alerts over SMS.
The new status page showing some of the numerous system metrics

If you were subscribed via email to the old status page your email was transitioned and you'll continue to receive alerts. Unsubscribing is still an easy process, if you wish to do so.