Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Introducing Techman's World IRC, now in beta/stable phase

A few months ago I announced the introduction of Techman's World IRC, the IRC network that I decided to create and launch. I halted the project looking for a good VPS host, and I finally found one called RamNode. I might write a post about them later on.

If you don't know what IRC is, you can think of it as instant messenger before instant messenger was developed in it's modern phase. Users can private message eachother, communicate in public or private channels, etc. On Techman's World IRC users can even register their usernames to prevent others from taking them.

How to connect
If you want to connect to Techman's World IRC, point your IRC clients to The main link still points to GeekShed, but right now I'll keep my channel there until I feel that it is safe to transition over.

Nick name registration services, as well as other services are already up so you can join now and reserve your nickname. Note that nicknames not used in 280 days will be deleted.

If you have questions, come see me and a few of my friends in #Help. If you need a IRC client, I suggest you look into HexChat.