Monday, May 13, 2013

Google combines Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photo storage into one common 15 GB pool

via the Google Drive Blog
Today Google has announced that they will be combining the storage between 3 main services: Drive, Gmail, and Google+.

In an effort to streamline a few things, Google has taken the 10GB from your Gmail storage and effectively combined it with 5 GB of drive storage, making your total storage amount to 15 GB of free storage. This update also means that you can optionally purchase higher number of storage tiers as well, for those who want such a thing. Purchasing more storage also means that the storage can be used for Gmail as well.

View of the new drive storage page, showing the unified storage. Photo via the Google Drive Blog
This update might be of aid to some users since some use almost no space in their Gmail inboxes, but want more space in Drive to store more photos, documents, and other files. The situation can also be reversed, where you can use your drive space to store more email, though this is most likely not the case.

As of the time of this writing the change is not exactly reflecting on my Google Account, so I assume it is rolling out. Let me know of your thoughts on this.