Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do you like the newly released theme for Disqus 2012?

On Monday I made a post about the two latest updates to Disqus - the Disqus 2012 theme update and the new profiles view. This post is going to feature a little subjective views (opinions) on the theme update, and I highly recommend that you drop your input as well, so I can get an idea of how the community thinks.

When Disqus 2012 was first announced as Disqus Next way back, I and a few other community members were chosen, as well as many others to be beta testers for Disqus 2012. I and others have been with the new comment system from its beginning.

Since Disqus 2012 was out, one of the most notable things that stuck around until just a few days ago was the background image used in the buttons:
Note the color of the post button. This is also the same "color" as the "load more comments" button. This is also a picture of the old theme of the embed entirely, minus actual comments.

This is the new theme featured on just about every Disqus site that used Disqus 2012 (the updated theme is slowly rolling out). Aside from the discovery box which remained the same, the theme features darker and thicker borders around everything that had borders in the previous release.

The whole point of this post was about the post button. I'm not a fan of the new colors used in the post button. Otherwise I don't mind any other changes with the theme. I don't think the dark color should be used on a bright page, like Techman's World. The theme actually looks fine in the dark setting.

The fact that the new Disqus theme looks in my opinion better on darker sites leads me to believe that this was origionally some kind of dark theme, but was modifed so it can basically be used on both types of sites. Of course, this is just what I think.

So, what do you think about the new theme? Do you like the new post button? I have sent Disqus a request about adding the old theme back, and they have replied saying they will forward the suggestion to their design team. Perhaps with more community feedback, this will "push" them a little farther to consider the suggestion.