Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today's Featured Bing Wallpaper

I know that lots of you use Google as your search engine, but with it's upcoming removal of the ability to set a background for the Google homepage, I find that using Google as a home page less appealing now.

If you use Bing or not, you should know that Bing has a new wallpaper and/or video every day for it's background. Today's image involves space -- or so I believe. You can look at the image below, at the end of the post. It is the full resolution image, at least that is what I know of.

If you don't use Bing, I can understand. However, I do encourage that you give them chances to get better with search. In my opinion their new wallpaper a day feature is very appealing. If you want a shadow-y version of the image, then you can click here to grab that.
Click the image to view it larger