Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blogger releases feature that allows users to tag people from Google+

Tag people from Google+ using the Blogger post editor
For those of you who love Google+, which is Google's social networking service, you can now tag someone in your post. There are many good reasons for tagging someone. One might be to just mention their name, one could be to give someone else credit for something. Either way it's easy!

To mention someone, just add a "+" before their name. After you type "+", you can start typing the person's name and select it once you have narrowed it down enough.

On the actual page where you publish a post, you can hover the person's name and you'll see a standard Google+ hover card with the option to add that person to your circles. Clicking the link itself will take you to that user's Google+ profile.

So, what do you think? Will you use this feature in your next Blogger post? I might use it if I need to tag someone. But for now I'll just tag myself to see how this works: +Michael Hazell .