Saturday, November 24, 2012

PSY's 'Gangnam Style' number one video of all time on YouTube

A few months ago, PSY (pronounced like sigh) had a video uploaded to YouTube called Gangnam Style. At first there weren't that many views, and many were from Korea. With all of the new popularity in the United States and other countries alike, PSY is now an international super star. Gangnam Style has been rising the charts ever sense, racking up thousands upon millions of views every single day. Many believed that PSY's video would eventually beat Justin Beiber's "Baby", and today it has.

According to YouTube's charts, Gangnam Style is now #1, with "Baby" coming in second. PSY's video is also #1 on YouTube's top 100. What is also special about this is the music video is not hosted under VEVO, which is a video marketing system I believe. Gangnam Style is hosted under the channel officialpsy, which is a channel run by PSY's record label.

To celebrate, why not have Gangnam Style embedded below? Always worth a good watch I suppose. Do you think this video will ever be topped again?