Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Disqus 2012 update brings clearer subscriptions to threads, and more

Today Disqus, the worlds most used discussion system, released an update to Disqus 2012 earlier today that introduces a revamped subscription system for threads and other visual changes.

Star Button Change

One of the first things you are bound to notice when loading up a new Disqus 2012 embed. The old button with drop down is no longer there, being replaced with what Disqus thinks will be an easier to use and understand starring/like system for comment threads.
Star button (not clicked)
Star button (clicked)
Sharing a thread
Sharing a thread has been changed as well. Since the star button has been revamped, the share option for the entire thread has been moved to a seprate drop down menu located next to the settings cog drop down menu. The share options remain the same, with the ability for you to share threads via Twitter and Facebook. Google+ has never been added as an option but it has been asked about on their website.

To get rid of the drop down simply click the button again or click somewhere on the page that is not on the share button area.

Subscriptions via Email and RSS change
Again, due to the revamp of the star threading system, the subscribe buttons for email and RSS are no longer found in the star button's drop down menu. Those functions have been moved to the bottom of the embed, in the newly revamped Disqus footer. One right you can see they changed their logo, making it bigger, compared to the old image that I use for the Community on Techman's World widget.
Clicking on the subscribe button subscribes you to thread update's by email. You also have a nice slide in checkbox.

Disqus launched something new, called Disqus Digests. I'll most likely have an article ready in a day or two.