Thursday, October 4, 2012

Email Tip: Reading Pane Settings in and Hotmail

Get a lot of email? Want to read messages quickly while saving time? Well this tip is for you. If you did not know about this, most webmail clients and email clients allow something called a reading pane. They sound exactly like they are -- they are little panes where you can read your messages.

Reading panes have been around for a whole now, and despite the feature being available, it is still not enabled by some users. Some just choose not to use it, while some people do not know about the feature entirely.

What the reading pane looks like:
Here is an image of what a reading pane should look like. This is from one of my newly set up email accounts. I wrote about that in the previous post, which covered the basics of the Windows Live Admin center. The next one is from the interface, which is not enabled by default when you set up accounts on your domain for the Admin Center.
Accessing the settings
Reading Pane settings for both interfaces are litterly right in front of you, you probably ran accross this before without knowing, but I'll show you two images anyways.

The Hotmail setting is located under the small options menu above the banner add, and the setting is under the gear menu.

Hope you all enjoyed this in depth look.