Saturday, October 6, 2012

Announcement: Discovery Box Disabled For Now

Dear Readers,

Just wanted to tell you all that I am temporally disabling the Discovery Box in the comment section on this site. Why? Because it is very simple - discovery listings are not all that accurate at all. For example, if the page in question is the recent Dolphin Web Browser review, then why am I getting results about comment trouble? Makes no sense to me, and if I had promoted discovery enabled here, the results would be just as accurate, or lack of accuracy with the article.

 I'm not going to back Disqus on this one, but I will say that I really hope they improve their algorithm on how they determine what suggestions go in the discovery box. They are always working to improve it, but it is not there yet. I know that creating very artificial intelligence-like code can be difficult, so I won't blame the programmers.

So here is some of the things that Disqus can do to help improve their discovery box. I always welcome constructive criticism.
  1. They can start pulling in results by tag. For example, if I write something that has a tag such as "Web Browser", then maybe something else that has a tag such as "Web Browser" can be included in the discovery box.
  2. Pull in results by name. If I mention "Google" in the title or <meta> description part of a post, then pull other posts about Google into the results. This can increase accuracy greatly, even if the topic is not exactly the same. As long as it has to do with something that I was writing about, I'll accept that.
 And with that, here is the end of this post. I really like what Disqus is doing (mostly), and I hope they can improve more and more. I love to see people succeed, especially the people at Disqus. They make an awesome product, and they deserve all of good -- as well as bad -- complements/complaints as they can get, to make their products better.