Friday, September 14, 2012

Site Update: Ever wanted a spinning logo? (Updated)

If you ever thought that Techman's World would never stop improving, you thought wrong. For a while now, I have always wanted to have my logo spin, and I couldn't do it as I am still in the process of learning CSS3 as well as HTML5.

Well the other day when I was on GeekShed IRC, I ran into an IRC user that was willing to help. We had a brief conversation, and even went over different ways to add rotation of the image. We went over JavaScript, JQuery, and CSS. Eventually he went with CSS as the best, and it requires a lot less code. And of course I am the best when I work with CSS and HTML and HTML5 (even though I am still learning all of it)

The IRC user's nick is Snooz. He sent me an email earlier today with some code to use, and it actually is pretty good. I modified it so that it only spins 360 and does not zoom in or out right now, but I am actively modifying how I could make the logo more interactive.

Let me know of your thoughts in the comments below.
Update: I probably should tell you about the web browsers supported. Microsoft IE9 and up, WebKit, Gecko, and Presto is supported. I probably should say Trident for IE, but ah well. IE8 and below is not supported, as those browsers do not know how to interpret transform and rotate rules.