Friday, September 14, 2012

Blogger has disabled a feature, and it might be affecting you

As stated in my Disqus 2012 HTTPS article, I often dig around into common public information, when I ran across this. Blogger has disabled domain redirects (custom domains) for any new people looking to register a custom domain, and right now there is a little maintenance message in place of what used to be the link that starts the domain process under that box.

Now from reports that I have been seeing, I have heard that only recently registered domain users should be mostly getting an error, and this started happening during and after the GoDaddy outage that hit millions of people, even fellow community member Jules, aka JMarkAfghans.

There is no work yet from Blogger on when this issue is going away, other then the obvious maintenance. Of course, no one really knows what exactly the maintenance is, but I hope that this does not affect any bloggers.

Of course, for a bit more detailed info (not much though), you can take a look at the source.