Sunday, September 2, 2012

Disqus is performing unscheduled maintence

Hello all, just wanted to tell all of you that Disqus is performing unplanned maintenance in followup to the maintenance on Friday. Disqus will be in read only mode, meaning that you won't be able to post comments in the meantime. They don't expect to take longer then 30 minutes, but they have alloted a 1 hour time frame to work with.

My first guess is that there was an unexpected problem that occured, and they need to address it right away.

Sorry if this affects you evsryone
I'm going to ask Disqus about this later on for comment.

Update 10:47 EST: The maintence is over and everything is running normally.

Also, this was posted 9/2/12. The blogger mobile app messed up the post's origional time.

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