Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carrier Overbranding

I was reading this Engadget article earlier today, and it got me thinking. It was about the Galaxy Note II having Verizon over branding. Basically, the  phone had the Verizon logo on the home button. The article was not mainly about that, but pretty close in my opinion.

I created this post today to ask you, the community members and readers, about what you think about carrier branding. These days when you buy a  phone, sometimes it can be heavily branded. From my view, I never really liked it. When you buy a phone, the only attribution it should have is really the phone maker, in this case Samsung for the phone above. Maybe the carrier's logo when the OS is booting up and shutting down. These days you can find carrier branding on the front and backs of the phone. In the leaked photo of the Galaxy Note II, you have the 4G LTE logo for Verizon, and the Verizon logo.

Do you think bringing the attribution of a carrier to the home button of a phone is necessary? Do you think that this is over branding at its finest? Let me know of your thoughts.