Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apple, carrier stores open at 8AM on September 21st for iPhone 5 sales, preorder stats are though the roof!

First thing I have to say is wow....this was unexpected.

It seems that the iPhone 5 press event was a major success. Of course everyone, especially Apple lovers, are going to get the new iPhone, but it seems that right now it matters now more then ever that Apple pulls it off with its press events, and it does with their latest event.

It turns out that Apple will be sticking with the norm, both its own stores as well as those for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon will open at 8AM local time on September 21st to take iPhone 5 sales from anyone who missed out on the pre-order rush.

And a tip: if you are going to go to a retail store, you better be prepared. You might end up standing outside for days depending on the demand in your order.