Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - AN-94 Review

The  AN-94 is the last assault rifle and one of the unique guns in Call of Duty Black Ops 2, but more on that later.

The AN-94 is commonly referred to the AK-47 of Black Ops 2, and in a way it is. This weapon not only is a weapon in Black Ops 2, the AN94 is also a real prototype weapon in Russia that is one of the competitors to replace the AK47, which currently in use right now.

Below is a video of the prototype AN-94 "Abakan":

This gun has a considerate amount of damage, dealing 40 up close and drops off to 24 at a distance. However, this weapon has a fast time to kill, due to the uniqueness of this weapon. That will be explained later.

For those that don't know, a player in Black Ops 2 has 100 health. At close to medium range, bullets will come close to or be 40 damage. This makes this gun a 3 shot kill weapon. On hardcore modes this gun can be a one shot kill at most distances, as you would only have 30 health.

There is a damage multiplier for this weapon. Head shots do 1.2x damage, so head shots become useful at medium to long ranges. At close range, 40 (max damage) x 1.2 just gives you 48, but the farther you go out the more head shots become useful. Basically, body shots are good at close range, and head shots are useful at longer ranges.

A standard magazine for this weapon contains 30 rounds. Extended mag offers an extra 10 rounds, increasing your total mag to 40 rounds. Personally, I recommend using fast mags because you only get 10 more rounds with the extended clip. Fast mags allows you you reload your gun really fast, so I recommend that.

The recoil on this gun is low to moderate. If you fire the gun in bursts, either by using the select fire attachment or just lightly tapping the trigger, the AN94 will shoot 2 bullet bursts with a high rate of fire, and low recoil. However if you hold down the trigger on your controller and continue to shoot, the recoil will increase, but in my opinion it should fairly easy to control. It's not like the SCAR-H.

Why this gun is unique
This assault rifle is one of the unique weapons in the game, but it isn't the most unique. The AN-94 has two fire modes built into the gun naturally, in full-auto like usual. The first 2 rounds of each burst (when you pull your trigger or click your mouse), fire at a higher rate than the other bullets. The first two bullets fire at ~900 RPM, and everything after that drops off to ~625 RPM. I put the "~" there because the a gun's rate of fire is tied to the frame rate of the game, but that's an engine issue that could be discussed later.

Because this gun initially shoots rather fast, and then drops off to a little below average assault rifle fire rate, this gun has a fast time to kill. If all of your bullets connect with a person when you pull the trigger, the person will drop in mere tenths of a second. When placed in skilled hands, this weapon is very dangerous.

Attachments on this weapon can change how this weapon performs. Some of the commonly used attachments are fast mags, fore grip, reflex sight, quickdraw handle, and the EOTech sight. Below is the list of all of the attachments available for use on this weapon.
  1. Reflex Sight (unlocked weapon level 2)
  2. Quickdraw Handle (unlocked weapon level 3)
  3. Fast Mag (unlocked weapon level 4)
  4. ACOG Scope (unlocked weapon level 5)
  5. Foregrip (unlocked weapon level 6)
  6. Adjustable Stock (unlocked weapon level 7)
  7. Target Finder (unlocked weapon level 8)
  8. Laser Sight (unlocked weapon level 9)
  9. Select Fire (unlocked weapon level 10)
  10. EOTech Sight (unlocked weapon level 11)
  11. Suppressor (unlocked weapon level 12)
  12. FMJ (unlocked weapon level 13)
  13. Hybrid Optic (unlocked weapon level 14)
  14. Extended Clip (unlocked weapon level 15)
  15. Grenade Launcher (unlocked weapon level 16)
  16. MMS (unlocked weapon level 17
Personally, I use this weapon with the ACOG sight (with the Precision reticle), and stock. I am not the biggest fan of the iron sights of this weapon (which will be discussed next), so I choose the ACOG sight because I am comfortable using it and it offers other perks such as enhanced zoom and a 2% reduction in recoil.

Iron Sights
On this weapon, the iron sights aren't exactly terrible, but they aren't the cleanest ones in the game, I personally aren't that big of a fan on the iron sights on this weapon, at least how Treyarch designed the sights after the real gun.

If you don't prefer the iron sights, then optics can be used instead. I use the ACOG sight in replacement for what is usually Fore Grip in my classes, because the ACOG sight not only gives you enhanced zoom of your target, it offers a 2% reduction in recoil, which is the same amount that the fore grip does on everything except SMGs. The reflex and EOTech sights also work well on this gun, but it should be noted that EMP grenades will disable all optic sights unless you are running hard wired, which most don't.

Overall, this weapon is very powerful. Some might even question that this weapon is over powered, but the truth is that it is a unique assault rifle. When any gun is put into good hands, it can easily be the best. However, most skilled players will tell you that the AN-94 is a good weapon, and it is.