Monday, August 27, 2012

More changes coming for search

If you have been following Techman's World recently, then you know about the search box changes. I ended up ditching the Blogger gadget, and instead replacing it with a search form for Google.

Now I am proud to say that Techman's World is moving away from Google also, and now in its place is This is a search engine that aims to redefine search imo, and it indexes comments as well as the blog posts.

So by the time you see this post, the search box will be replaced with's search form. If you wish to use Google at the moment, just open your browser's developer tools and highlight the Google attribution and form, and uncheck the display: none rules.

I would like to give thanks to Kevin Marshall for helping me get this set up, and I hope you all enjoy better search. If you want to submit feedback, you can in the comments below.