Friday, August 10, 2012

My horrible experience using Safari for Windows

Me being myself, I use many web browsers in my day. Of course you all know that I use Chrome as my default, but I also use IE (for testing stuff only), Firefox, Opera, and Safari for Windows. If you never knew, I do use Safari for Windows, and I use it basically for one thing - hits development tools. Specifically, the ability to change user agents from the develop menu. I can change from IE 7, 8, and 9, Opera 11.64 (outdated, but I'd just use Opera by itself anyways if I need to use it), mobile Safari for iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and so on.

I really don't use Safari that much, and I don't ever recommend it for every day use. One reason is because it takes really long to load web pages, and it also hangs sometimes when loading those web pages. What makes this so odd is that Chrome, also a browser that uses the WebKit layout engine, can smoke Safari for Windows any day. Safari on the Mac is a different story from what I am hearing, but since Apple supports Windows, they should at least keep it competitive to other browsers such as Chrome.

Another issue that I have with it is that sometimes, when you load web pages, the page renders, but then the browser window viewing area goes all weird like, and all of the elements are distorted. Sometimes reloading the page does not fix it. I have also noticed this when the end of a URL has a # attached to it, such as #disqus_thread.

After having this happen to me about 3 times, my computer crashed. What a horrible feeling. Safari has apparently mess up the display of the web page, messing up the ATI graphics drivers (which is stable). My computer immediately got a stop error. I took about a minute to inspect the code, then I pressed my laptop's power button to restart. Usually when you log back in, Windows asks you to send an error report to Microsoft. I took screenshots of these errors.

 Went ahead and sent the error support, and then I got a Chrome window popup telling me about the graphics drivers being involved with the crash.

Overall, I'm just giving all of you personal advice to not use Safari for Windows. It's buggy, its slow, and it  crashes easily (not including this incident). Apple by far has released the worst possible software for the Windows platform with Safari. If you do use Safari for Windows, I suggest you move to another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. You'll probably have a better experience.

If you want to share your thoughts on this, you can in the comments below.