Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DISQUS comments and availability here on Techman's World

If you have been on Techman's World lately, you might have noticed some issues with the comment embed not loading. Now if you live in the US, you might not have these problems because they mostly happen during 12-3 AM. If you live in countries like Australia, where it would be already be the next day and the time would be in the afternoon, then you might be getting these issues.

I don't know why, but it appears that Disqus has been going down numerous times lately, and I have never seen Disqus go down like this before. I'll go ahead and reach out to Disqus for comment on this, but If they don't answer, then oh well.

When Disqus is down, most of the time you won't see the embed, you won't be able to access your Disqus dashboard and/or admin panel, and discussion widgets won't load. The most recent update, which happened earlier today around 1 AM. I went ahead to and took some screenshots of it happening.

At first, I loaded a page and saw that neither the dashboard, admin panel, embed, and widgets were not loading. I got 503 errors stating that no server was around to handle your request. Eventually the widgets started loading again, and Disqus released this status telling that the embed might not be available.
I tried loading up some classic Disqus sites, and they appear to work ok. As for Disqus 2012 sites, the initial iframe would expand, but the actual embed would not load. I took a screenshot of that as well.
So after a few more minutes, the iframe would load, the comment embed would load, but the next-sprite image did not load, so all of the embed's images was not there. I'll explain more after the image below.
From the image above, you can see that the image for the stars button is not loaded, the image for the post button is not loaded, the image icon for the upload images button is not loaded, and the image for the gear is not loaded. I'm not sure about the voting characters being images, but as you can see they are not loaded. In their place was a "/" for up votes and a "*" for down votes.

Then a few minutes after this, Disqus updated their alert message.
Finally, Disqus has said that the embed should be back to normal and that they are doing some further testing. Disqus also sent out some tweets on their help twitter account, and that is also below.
Eventually the embed got back to normal, and Disqus released a good status update.

Now that I showed you my experiences, let me get back to what I was talking about earlier. I'll reach out to Disqus for comment. Hopefully they get their problems fixed.