Sunday, August 19, 2012

Site Update: Contact Form Added

Starting today, Techman's World will now have a contact form. Previously, you had only a few options to contact the people behind Techman's World, but one of the major ways to contact a site was missing -- a contact form!

Before you could either email me, leave a comment, leave a message in the irc room (if I was logged into the room), or leave me a message on twitter.

The contact page has been updated to include the contact form via a link, because the page is already so long and full of so much information that I stuck the form on its own standalone page.

To fill out the form, just fill in a name, email address, a subject, and then leave a message. As soon as you press submit, the form is sent to the Techman's World email address including the information. Usually I will answer back by sending you a email with the subject something like "RE: Form Submission" or something along those lines.

Techman's World is also approaching its 800th post, so that post should be coming along in a few days because we are currently around 778 posts.

Let me know of your thoughts in the comments below.