Friday, August 31, 2012

800 Posts!

It's that time again -- and if you are a regular at Techman's World you know what I am talking about. Every 100 posts I do a post that covers what changes have been done to the website, and maybe some of the news I covered.

This time around, if I didn't already say this before in the 700 posts post, I added a contact form to Techman's World. Since I have added that form, I have already got one submission, but it was a test one from fellow user @JMarkAfghans. You now have many methods to contact Techman's World, and previously it was just comments and email. You now have:
  • An email address
  • A contact form
  • IRC Chat Room
  • Comments
  • (more may be added, so I just wanted to note that)
All of that contact info, as well as links for all of this can be found on my About Techman's World page, as well as site links on the bottom.

This time around I have made a couple of changes to search, which I hope you are all ok with (because hardly anyone posted feedback). If you do have something to say, please get a hold of me.

I basically switched from the Blogger search widget, to Google Search, then to (currently) Both Google and are using search forms. These forms take you away from the page. I choose this because if you open a link to an article, the search is recorded as a referral -- so I can get stats on search. No, I am not really spying on you, but it will tell me if a person actually used the search widget, something that I couldn't do before.

If you still wish to use Google, the form for Google is not gone. You can see it by opening up your brower's inspection tools, highlighting the widget, and unchecking a display:none rule for the Google search form.  You'll find it easily because it has an easy to read id tag.

I remember the time when I first created this blog back in December 2011. It had a hand written logo using paint, and the background was that reddish-pinkish color. The logo from then was a font based one, the font being DBXLNightFever. It had the same pinkish-reddish background. Eventually with the help of a community member, Techman's World gained a logo that had text shadows and a transparent background. More recently, I added Unity integration as well, and made a avatar logo for the site. It is also transparent, but lacks text shadows. If you noticed that the default logo has changed, then that is why. The site's favicon is also the new avatar logo. Disqus does not support transparent backgrounds at the moment, so Disqus fills the background with black (though they should at least fill it with white, I mean come on...).

So once again I thank you all for visiting and reading my blog, I appreciate that. I also want to give a personal thanks to Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist who writes at his blog, AVC. He did me a huge favor of mentioning my site on one of his posts. Since then,  I have gained a few followers, some for Techman's World (for now, please refer to my other twitter feed, please), and some for my other twitter feed (shown at the site's footer), and also have a increase of traffic. Maybe I could do a guest post for him one day if I discover a topic that is relevant to him or his site.

Let me know of your thoughts in the comments below.