Monday, July 9, 2012

So, how is your internet working for you?

If you have been following my site recently, you will know that I was talking about the DNSChanger malware (click the tag at the bottom of this post to see all of the post featuring the malware), and how the FBI will be shutting down the servers that have been providing malicious DNS entries for infected Windows machines.

Well the servers were shut down today. From what I am seeing, not many people have been affected. About 42,000 according to my local news station (for the US only).

If you have no internet (or know someone that has no internet), I suggest you do the following.
  1. Call your ISP (internet service provider). They might be able to help you.
  2. Hire a professional to clean your PC. If you do not have a friend that can help you, I recommend you take your PC to a professional to get it cleaned from the DNSChanger malware.
If the above two are not working for you, then you might have to do something more serious, such as reinstalling Windows.

Of course, let me know of your thoughts below.