Monday, July 9, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops Computer Codes

In a previous post, I talked about how you can get your of your torture chair at the Black Ops Main Menu. Did you know you can access a computer terminal from a computer against the wall? Well you can. Just walk around the room until you find it. Once you get near it, you'll get a message on your screen to press {button} to access the computer. Just enter the commands below in the video. Right now I am not sure about what cheats these unlock.

In the video below, this guy shows you how to unlock a few cheats and other items.

Here is what the cheats unlock:
  • 3arc Unlock - unlocks DOA and Five map and gametype for zombies
  • 3arc intel - finds all the intel in campaign
  • Alicia - your personal therapist
  • Zork- text based game ( the grue will eat you)
  • Dir- lists text and pictures
  • Cat- used to look at pictures and text ( include the endings etc. .txt, .pic)
  • help - lists some other commands
  • Decode - used to crack the code given in some text documents
  • Encode- encodes text
  • "login" then whenit says user put "jhudson" than for pass put "bryant1950" then you get gamer picture

Now I know that this is from someone else, but I'll working on getting the codes out of the video as well. I'll write them down while I enter them into my own PS3 :).

Let me know of your feedback below.