Saturday, June 9, 2012

Metro-style Hotmail turns up in leaked screenshots

Lately, Microsoft has been Metro happy as some people say. Recently, Bing got a metro makeover. You can test it out right now actually. This time around, Hotmail is next in line for a Metro redesign. If a set of leaked screenshots obtained by WinFuture are any indication, however, it looks like the nearly sixteen-year-old email service could soon be getting one of its biggest redesigns to date. As you'd expect, it all looks very Metro, but also very unfinished, with a number of features reportedly still missing or not working properly. Of course, there's no indication when or if it'll actually roll out to the millions of Hotmail users (though the Windows 8 launch would provide a convenient fit), but there's plenty more screenshots where this one came from at the source link below.

Source: WinFuture