Monday, May 28, 2012

Disqus 2012 on this site

Dear readers,
If you have not noticed yet, you might notice that the comments are not looking as the way they should be. That is because I have enabled Disqus 2012, for a short period of time. The reason -- to see how it is like here. My personal opinion is one thing, but this site is not about me. I'd make my own personal blog for that...which would also be powered by Disqus.

I have had this enabled for only one day, and I have submitted just under 10 bugs with Disqus 2012. Sure, it still has bugs, but is stable enough to have on here for a while. Click here to see my initial post about Disqus 2012.

So, do you want Disqus 2012 on this site? Be sure to post a comment below -- using Disqus 2012 and let me know of your thoughts, and also vote in the poll below. I will use both to decide whether or not to keep Disqus 2012 on here.

Below is some pictures I just took:
Here you can see the embed, currently with no comments. This is the same embed for this article. When you star a discussion, you can share it on twitter and facebook, subscribe to it via RSS, and subscribe to it via email. If you are logged in, you'll also see the My Disqus tab, similar to the current Disqus Dashboard. When you click the gear drop down menu, you have more options, such as logging out, accessing help, and more.
Here, you can see community info. This is the equivalent of the community box from the "classic" Disqus.
If you have questions, drop a line below. And don't forget to vote in the poll, and comment below.