Friday, May 25, 2012

How To: Add Disqus comments to your mobile template via HTML editing

If you are like me, you have a blog that is powered by Blogger. Sure, you can use, but it is harder to use, and you can't add JavaScript and plugins like Disqus.

By default, Blogger has its own native comment system. It has gotten better, but still lacking in core features.

So like me, I installed Disqus here. That is why you see Disqus here instead of Blogger Comments.

But you have one issue - getting Disqus to work in your mobile template.

Well in this Techman's World How-To, I'm going to guide you through it through images and text.

The first thing to know is if you installed Disqus. In this case I'm assuming you used the Blogger widget.

  1. Go to the Blogger Dashboard
  2. Select your blog(s)
  3. Select Template from the options menu along the left.
  4. Click on edit HTML under the "Live on Blog" thumbnail image.
  5. Confirm the warning about HTML
  6. Click the tick at the top to expand widgets
  7. Press CTRL + F
  8. Type in "Disqus" NOTE: If you have another Disqus widget, you might get to that first. Make sure you please you placed your Disqus widget at the very bottom right corner in the layout tab first. If you have another widget, the Disqus embed widget should be the very last one anyways.
  9. Add a mobile='yes' after locked='false'
  10. Save Template (thanks to Jim Hirshfield in the comments for the heads up)
Here is some images below.