Monday, December 12, 2016

Fixing the site background

It's been a long while since I've submitted something here, and I apologize for the folks who have stuck around, or kept me in their RSS feeds. As always, I can be found pretty regularly on Techtronix if you all want to chat with me.

I've finally had some time to go ahead and take a look at the site again, and the first order of business that I've taken is to fix the background image. It no longer has that clunky looking background where the 2 gradient colors don't align properly. It's now properly uniform within the entire length of the site, and it looks properly on mobile as well.

The cause for this, from what I've determined, is actually updates within Blogger itself. Their new variable system brought with it a whole bunch of template changes where they replaced hard-coded items for a variables area, and the new variables area has certain requirements for what must go within each one. For me, the background variable (by default) breaks the background image. I've gone back and manually coded in what needed to be there, and now it's pretty once again.

I'm sure some of you folks probably wish that I would just gut the background and color scheme entirely for something new, but the colors have too much of a meaning for me to do that. It's the original colors of the site, but improved to be a nice gradient. I'll eventually look into doing some kind of CSS3 gradient to help reduce the amount of data that has to be downloaded, but it's not high priority and I'm sure folks who took that personally aren't here anymore :).

Take care, folks.