Monday, December 28, 2015

Why I don't like NVIDIA

I think that I've finally found a good reason to make this post. For folks that may not know, I'm not a fan of NVIDIA at all, whether that be their graphics cards or anything else they produce. Reasoning for this mainly has to do with what they've pulled against AMD. However, why write about it when I can embed a shiny video of someone making the argument for me?

Here's some reasons why I don't like NVIDIA:

  1. Their cards are overpriced
  2. Their marketing wing is so huge that it might as well be worth more than their R&D costs
  3. GameWorks is crippling to the industry for their own personal gain
  4. They "forget" about their last generations very quickly (700 series gets almost no attenetion)
  5. They have many crimes against AMD
I can spend hours discussing why I think GameWorks is fundamentally bad for everyone, and I might write something on my own about that if the demand for it is there, but I think this video really sums up why I really don't like NVIDIA, and why you'll never see me buying any of their products (reviews excluded).