Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to View Now-Broken Images on Techman's World (Pre-October 2015)

As I reported a few weeks ago, essentially all images became broken on this website due to a mistake I made by removing some of my sharing preferences on OneDrive. Unfortunately, I cannot fix the problem as easily as I'd like since you can no longer set a folder to be public on OneDrive. I've reached out to the Microsoft forums and couldn't get any help. Still debating on calling Microsoft, but I don't think that will be as effective either. I know that someone at Microsoft HQ could help me, but I doubt that they would.

So in the meantime, all you can do is give folders links for folks to access instead. So, click here to access all site resources used in the past. I'm really sorry folks, but there's nothing that I can do about this. I really wish I could set the resources folder back to Public so all site images would work again, but I can't. I'm truly frustrated that this has happened, and the time it would take to fix every single post is ridiculous.

If you come across a broken image link that references 'livefilestore', it is probably an image from OneDrive. Append authkey=!AHBqdGRL8sRgPB8 to the end of the URL as a parameter and it should work. I am slowly updating the most important posts that require images, but I will probably miss a few.