Thursday, September 19, 2013

Classic Disqus being discontinued October 15, 2013 for good

Although a little late to announcing this, if you have a website that you are associated with still using the classic Disqus (basically, any version of Disqus that you do not see here) you should have gotten an email explaining that Disqus will permanently discontinue the classic Disqus, putting an end to the dated product.

All forums on October 15 will be automatically upgrade. Right now I do not know if specific partnerships are exempt from this, but based on a conversation that I had with one of the Disqus developers, it does not appear so. However, like said I can't confirm this 100%.

Disqus 2012, now simply referred to the most as the "new Disqus", was thought of and developed during the year 2012. The new version of Disqus was built completely from scratch, using the latest and greatest from the Disqus API. All websites that didn't have a partnership with Disqus have already been switched to this version of Disqus. Techman's World was an early adopter of the new Disqus, and yours truly was one of the beta testers for the new Disqus before it even became publicly available to testers.

So..what do you think about this change? Did you expect it coming? Let me know what you think in the comments below.