Friday, June 28, 2013

Site update: Improved default avatars

If you haven't noticed quite yet, I recently made a change to the default avatars on Techman's World.

Previously, I made a avatar logo for Techman's World, based on the main site's logo of course. The only problem with it was Disqus doesn't like transparent avatars, and likely won't for the probable future. I contacted them about transparent avatars before but they said they'll get to it eventually. I think they are more concerned with the new Disqus and Disqus mobile at the moment. All transparent parts in the avatar logo was black. It made the avatar looked terrible.

Also in need of improvement was my personal avatar. Since someone wanted to make a smirk at me at IGN the other day about the OS I was posting from. Since I don't use Windows anymore, or rarely touch it, I thought I should tweak my avatar since it showed a mixture of the Windows and Ubuntu logos. I now changed my avatar to the Techman's World avatar until I can think of something better, but to be honest I like it how it is.

To fix the transparency problem I created a slightly different version of the Techman's World avatar with a manually set white background. I'll use this until Disqus releases an update that allows transparent avatars, which I think is a good idea since avatars could then work on any background.

Let me know of your feedback in the comments.