Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The latest news about DISQUS

Instead of making two separate posts for the few things I'm about to share, I decided to merge them into one. Should save a bit of time, and a few less clicks. I really have two things to share, but if you didn't already hear about Disqus making a Windows Phone app, you should click here. Other mobile platforms will be added soon enough.

Now for the two pieces of news.
  1. Slight design change made to the embed. If you take a close look at the Disqus embed below this article, the "Discussion" tab has been changed to whatever sort order you have your comments set to display in. If you've never changed the sort order, the one showing will be "Best". Clicking the tab when in another tab, such as My Disqus, will take you back to the comments embed, like before.

    Also, the tab sizes have been reduced. The tabs, at the writing of this post, is just about the size of the text on the tab itself. It might look a little awkward but I'll ask the team what the purpose behind this is.
  2. No CSS support...possibly ever. Those who use Disqus 2012 and wanted CSS support, probably won't get it. After months of asking for it, and getting the same answer, Daniel has finally emailed me and said that basically it isn't the direction Disqus is going. Their new embed is designed to look familiar on every website, and even adapt to a website's theme a little. Due to Disqus wanting the core experience to remain the same, CSS support will not be added. CSS for those that don't know is a way of styling HTML.
And there you have it. That's the latest on Disqus. Let me know of your thoughts below. I'm especially interested on how web developers will react to no CSS support in D2012 for a while, if not forever.