Saturday, March 9, 2013

Techman's World needs your help!

If you follow this website for the past few weeks, you might know that news and reviews (especially) were and still are slow. While I can work on the news part, reviews at this point are hitting a stand-still. I'm not talking about software reviews, but rather hardware reviews.

The latest and first hardware I've done was on the System76 Gazelle Professional. That was my first hardware review on this site, and it turned out to be a great success, inspiring people to actually buy the same model laptop and of course getting a great amount of traffic for both websites, mine and their's.

Sadly, that review is also the latest one I've done, so basically this means that I have only done one review so far on this website. I want to change that, but my efforts alone aren't getting me where I want to be: reviewing products as a service to you guys, not to me.

Companies such as Google offer great possibilities for a hardware review, such as the new Pixel Chromebook which was just released. The Nexus tablets are also great devices to review. The problem with Google is that I haven't really found a viable way to contact their press department. I've found virtually no useful contact info from the internet, and I don't know anyone personally that could contact Google for me, or better yet know a Google employee.

So here's the plea: If you know any company or know someone who works for a tech giant such as Google that could contact me, please let me know. The alternative to this is raising money via advertisements, which I still don't want to do at this point to preserve the cleanliness of the site. Comments, contact form submissions, or an email are good ways to contact me. You can also reach me in the Techman's World chat room.

My next hardware review will be another +System76 laptop, the System76 Lemur Ultra, which is their smallest laptop at 14" and still promises to deliver great power, in a small package. This review should happen sometime this spring at the most, unless the review gets delayed again.